Johnny and Jeanette Evans (01-17-2017)
Hinton Services just refinished rehabbing a property I purchased at the end of November. I have to say this was the best rehab experience I have encountered. Mr. Lynch and staff were prompt, diligent, and pragmatic throughout the rehab. He said it would take 5 weeks to complete, but they finished in 2 weeks. I have never experienced so many works working at one time, Impressive. It has been an absolute pleasure working with you all. Well done gentleman.
Mary Beth Marsh (12-08-2016)
We have recently completed the rehab on the third house done by Hinton Services. Paul and I are most impressed with the willingness of this company to complete our projects on time, while making sure the rehab is finished and polished.

Patrick Hinton and Fred Lynch, the backbone of Hinton Services, have an ever-increasing staff of technicians to meet the needs of their clients. As their business grows, so does their workforce so we are never worried that they will be over-extended. If a technician doesn't meet the needs of Hinton and its clients, they are quickly replaced, ensuring there is no skip in the work being performed.

We can't say enough about our pleasure in working with the professionals at Hinton Services. They provide quality work in a timely manner, ALWAYS concerned about our particular needs. If you are looking for a contractor, you will not be disappointed with Hinton!

Mary Beth and Paul Marsh
Claire and Steve Homoky (10-26-2016)
Hinton Services was prepared to take on our Terrell property rehab immediately upon close of the deal. I was impressed by the oversight and coordination of foundation, roofing and internal work all going on at the same time the week after close. Regular communication of progress made it easy to know about work that required owner input (e.g. delivery of owner purchased cabinets). The project was finished ahead of schedule and with quality work! Will definitely use Hinton Services again.
Leon Atlasov (10-25-2016)
Hinton Services took over our rehab from another vendor who was "sitting" on this project for nearly 2 months, and finished it in 3 weeks, which was very impressive. Quality of their work is normally outstanding, however, due to our specific circumstances we did find some very minor misses.

Overall we are very, very pleased with their services, and highly recommend them to anybody who is doing extensive rehab especially, like ours was.
Ralph Jackson (09-26-2016)
This is the 2nd rental rehab with Hinton Services, plus one consultation on an existing house. Hinton has just finished the last house. An entire rehab on schedule and within budget, AS PROMISED! I could literally use the same pictures of appliances, flooring, ceiling fans, and granite counter tops from a previous job, since they were full representation of the work and quality from Hinton Services and followed the Lifestyles model - "Best Product, Best Price". Tenant contact started the same day as the listing. Hinton promotes high quality and personal service. This is exactly what I received. You could set your watch on the timeliness of the weekly update calls. Thank you Patrick, Vincent, and of course Fred Lynch.
Anne Duncan (09-21-2016)
I know this is a little late, but I want to say that Hinton did an amazing job on our Mesquite property! It was a little slow going in the beginning with the plumbing, but their crew came through with flying colors! We had an application in just 2 days and we didn’t even have photos of the kitchen or bathrooms when the tenants found it online. Plus, the change order and the punch list was taken care of immediately which helped the Mesquite city inspector pass the property for the 'Certificate of Occupancy', which lead to our tenants moving in on time - Aug 1st! Woohoo!! That’s how it should be done! Contractors out and tenants moving in on the same day which equals no delay.
Beverly Grimley (09-13-2016)
It was a pleasure working with everyone on the Hinton team! They stayed on budget and on time. They take pride in their work and are committed to producing a high quality product. They gave great advice and the house looks beautiful! Looking forward to working with them again.
Mary Beth Marsh (08-17-2016)
We have had two houses simultaneously being rehabbed b Hinton and we couldn't be happier. Hinton Services is an extremely professional company providing excellent communication, quality rehabs, and an attitude of willingness to do whatever we ask without irritation. Paul and I highly recommend Hinton Services for any rehab or repair project!

Mary Beth and Paul Marsh
Michael Morris (08-02-2016)
Hinton Services went above and beyond. I bought an extremely dilapidated huse and they were able to make it brand new looking in a reasonable amount of time and well within my budget. I will be using them again on my next house!
Mary Beth Marsh (07-01-2016)
Hinton Services is a superior Contractor we are proud to have as a part of our investment team. They are cognizant of the importance of having rent-ready rehabs completed in a time frame that allows us to continue with the velocity so important for investors.

Their procedure of reviewing the inspections prior to their final estimate is invaluable; it has saved us much time and expense. Hinton Services understands the end goal of having a quality rehab that doesn't just look pretty but also functions well. They are a reliable, efficient, and professional company that stands by their work!
Dale Nesty (05-31-2016)
Hinton Services did my first rehab and was very patient with walking me through the process and setting expectations. Hinton was responsible for the entire rehab and because of their exceptional and attention to detail, I was able to get a commitment from a tenant even before the rehab was fully completed. Hinton totally transformed a house that was a total mess to a gem in 3 weeks. What is more impressive was the service and warranty after the project was completed. Given the extent to which they stand behind their work, I will have no concerns using them again in the future.
Ralph Jackson (05-23-2016)
Property rehab is a critical period for a rental. Hinton Services came through with flying colors. Day one, Patrick Hinton met me on the property on a Friday morning, promptly at 8am. This was just four days after my closing. He went over every item on the bid estimate and patiently guided me to make the right decisions not to over rehab. After that, Fred Lynch kept me informed every week with schedules, costs, and readiness. I am proud to show off the finished product and the feedback from the Road Trip was flattering. The tenants actually wanted the rental before the rehab was finished because of the quality workmanship. I fully endorse and support Hinton Services as a competent and caring General Contractor.
Anthony Cocita (05-10-2016)
Hinton just finished a project for us in Mesquite. They provided guidance on the rehab (ensuring we did not over-rehab!), came in on budget and Fred is always available. I had such a great experience we have already scheduled them for our next project.

Adrienne and Tony Cocita
Adrian Perry (11-18-2015)
Hinton Services has been a pleasure to work with. They worked with me hand-in-hand to make sure the project came in on time and advised me if additional issues arose. Fred and Patrick took their time to make sure all my questions were answered and were very accommodating. I will definitely be using them again and recommend their services.